Windy Acres Farm
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Our Laddy

  Myatuc's Pride Sugar Bear Spanky 

Dual registered with AKC and Scottish Collie Preservation Society

                                                                                      Tri-factored Sable Merle- Headed White Male Rough Collie

         Non-carrier for: Collie Eye Anomaly and Progressive Retinal Atrophy (eye problems)), Degenerative

           Myelopathy (hindquarter paralysis), Cyclic Neutropenia (Grey Collie Syndrome-immune problem),  

     MDR1 (drug sensitivity), and Low risk for DMS (dermatomyositis -autoimmune skin and muscle disease)



Spanky moved here from Florida the Fall of 2020 .

   He is a lively ,

friendly fella who has sired 3 Windy Acres Farm Litters

- 2 with Countess and one with Ruby.